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We are living in an incredibly exciting era where the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the field of natural health is revolutionizing the way we approach wellness. AI has the potential to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions that can greatly enhance our understanding of natural health remedies and personalized treatments. By leveraging AI's capabilities, we can develop more targeted and evidence-based approaches to preventive care, optimize treatment plans, and even discover new applications for natural substances. This integration not only empowers individuals to take greater control of their health but also opens up new avenues for research and innovation in the realm of natural health. The possibilities are truly endless, and we can look forward to a future where AI plays an integral role in promoting holistic well-being for all.

Caring naturopath teaches and guides.

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Partner with a naturopath that cares about you and your health. Learn to care for yourself. We employ the use of the latest artificial intelligence to assist us with finding the best solutions to your problems. Some of these are out-of-the-box in a way only AI can provide.

Ted Coombs is an expert in artificial intelligence having written several books on the use of AI in difficult scenarios. He began writing AI programs at the Cleveland Clinic in 1981 creating the world's first AI Cancer Risk Analysis program.

He applied his significant forensic and diagnostic capabilities to health after a quadruple bypass surgery. This led to his multidisciplinary approach to naturopathic healthcare.

Extended healthspan, life extension

Extended Healthspan

No one has lived forever. But you can stay healthy longer by extending your healthspan. Using GPT4 and working with longevity researchers we stay abreast of the latest therapies.

Diabetes, weight loss, NAFLD, heart issues

Reverse Chronic Illness

Conquer diabetes and related chronic illness by using mother nature. Recent clinical research has shown that it is possible to completely reverse diabetes and associated chronic illness using natural healthcare. While we do not recommend firing your doctor, there are solutions beyond statins and blood thinnners.

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We are naturopaths, not doctors. We can teach you to care for yourself, make diet and supplement suggestions, help you plan a healthy lifestyle and support you by helping you understand what science has to say about your conditions.

Private telehealth

Communicate online with a naturopath. We care for your privacy.


Learn which supplements will help you with your health challenges. Remember, supplements are not FDA approved so we can't say they cure anything. You will have to decide if modern science, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has the right answers.


If you are confused about diets, weight loss, nutrition and intermittent fasting we can help.


Learn how to exercise efficiently to maintain excellent health. Yes, there is a modern way to do this that doesn't involve hours at the gym.

Life Extension

Stay connected to continue learning about the latest advances in life extension.

Sliding Scale

You don't always have the cash we need, particularly if you have medical bills. We are compassionate.

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